NSF Grant Awarded to Interdisciplinary Team

October 15, 2017


An interdisciplinary group of researchers, including co-Directors Herzog and Harris, was awarded an NSF grant to study adulthood transitions. The goal is to focus on changes that are needed to social institutions, including higher education, in order to sync young people with work at the human-technology frontier.


The goal of this workshop is to advance thinking about social changes occurring at the human-technology frontier. Specifically, the workshop begins with transitions into adulthood when youth begin to establish themselves into the labor force and take on adult roles. The first day of the workshop will ask how developmental processes hinder or enhance the capacity of emerging adults to be accurate consumers of data. The second day will explore how contextual effects (e.g. rural locale, cultural inequalities, educational access, and generational disconnects) hinder or enhance broad exposure to social and technological skills. The third day explores institutional factors: technology, new media, and organizational learning. The workshop will invite industry partners and representatives to participate in discussions about ways to avoid brain drain in rural communities where youth are concentrated.

The workshop will address four technology and skills gaps: 1) data literacy among emerging adults (the capacity to be accurate consumers of knowledge created by data analytics; 2) workforce preparation (contextual factors that may affect exposure to updated social and technology skills); 3) high-tech communications (access to accurate and trusted knowledge to inform decisions); and 4) exposure of rural emerging adults to knowledge capital that sustains equitable solutions.



More information:https://www.nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward?AWD_ID=1742666​


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