Studying Space, Socially

October 14, 2017


A team of CSR researchers were awarded a grant to study the sociality of spatiality. This is a project partnership with the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism to investigate outdoor recreation in AR.


The goal of the project is to gather data from multiple perspectives, by taking into account the different views of outdoor recreation held by distinct constituents: residents, visitors, providers, and internet readers.


To study residents, the ADPT project will sample 10,000 residents of the state of Arkansas to invite them to participate in a survey. As what is called a "push-to-web" survey, the main goal will be for residents to complete the survey online. In addition, sample residents who have not completed online after a few contact attempts will be mailed a hard copy survey. This helps to ensure that a broad range of residents can participate, whether they have access to a computer or not.


The project will also survey visitors from eight key surrounding states: Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Illinois. Residents of those states will be asked whether they have visited Arkansas within the past year, and if so to what extent outdoor recreation factored into their visit.


Providers will also be surveyed about their outdoor recreational facilities, including upcoming priorities.


As a last part of the project, an online forum will be held for any internet user to provide comments and answer questions. Combined, these multiple forms of data collection provide a 360-degree view of outdoor recreation in Arkansas.


CSR Project Team: Patricia Snell Herzog, Casey Harris, Lauren Sabon, Anna Zajicek, and Mindy Bradley


CSR Student Research Assistants: Maggie Rose Bridges, Megan Keeling, Reilly Gibson, Charlene Niles, Evan Mudgett, Emma Turner, Alexa Bussell, Mackenzie Reed, and Connor Thompson


Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism Partners: Heather Huckeba and Zachary Foster

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